Federation Transport Intercepted By Serpentis Strike Force, Soltueur Titan Believed Stolen

New Eden News | YC107-05-06

This just in: a Federation cargo transport passing through the Alperaute system was three hours ago intercepted by what is believed to have been a Serpentis strike force of unknown size and make-up. Preliminary reports indicate losses on the Gallente side were significant: in addition to dozens of frigates and a number of cruisers and battleships, the Federation is said to have lost control of one of its six Soulteur titans into the hands of the Serpentis.

Federation officials have at this point neither confirmed nor denied the titan's loss, but are admitting the brutal attack "came as a complete shock, seemingly out of nowhere." Salvage and rescue teams have been at work in the system for the past two hours, and the exact nature and number of Federation losses is expected to come in soon. More updates as they arrive.