Federation President sets out to rescue enslaved scientists

New Eden News | YC106-02-22

The public, and especially the science community, is distraught over the fate of scientists Touvolle and Umailen, pioneers of the now defunct Crielere program. Now Federation President Foiritan, acting under his own initiative, has decided to employ his considerable political clout to get the scientists back from the clutches of Articio Kor-Azor. Foiritan's interests in science and hi-tech gadgets, interests that some say border on obsession, have made him many friends in the science community, and it is believed that this act is intended to bolster those relations, as well as earn him public fame as the a liberator of the famous scientists.

Foiritan has already dispatched his most experienced and trustworthy diplomats to start negotiations with Articio for the release of the scientists. Inside sources say that the diplomats were given a 'carte blanche' by Foiritan, in essence giving them free reign to offer Articio most anything in exchange for Touvolle and Umailen.

The Federate Senate has already, not surprisingly, denounced Foiritan's decision as 'foolish and potentially wasteful'. The Senate fears that the President's love for science may blind him from upholding the best interests of the Federation and may recklessly give Articio concessions that can cost the Federation dearly in the long run. Foiritan's supporters within the Senate have been strangely silent on the whole matter, their only contribution so far being a speculation over the true value of the scientists, whether it is purely driven by humane interests or whether the scientists possess some secret knowledge of the magnitude that makes leaders of nations bicker about them. Truly valid speculations indeed and worth getting answers for.