Federation President Affirms Ishukone’s Account of Event, Denies Complicity in Malkalen Attack

New Eden News | YC110-05-19

Ladistier – Gallente Federation President Souro Foiritan today expressed his sincerest sympathies towards the families of victims in the Malkalen disaster and offered “the full resources of his nation” to assist to those in need. He also emphatically denied claims of Federation complicity in the attack, stating that Admiral Alexander Noir’s actions were his own and that “no one suspected that he was capable of such a monstrous act”. The delay in a formal response was attributed to an “exhaustive and ongoing investigation” into Noir’s actions and a search for any clues that might have provided advanced warning of such as attack.

President Foiritan spoke cautiously about the post-collision battle that resulted in the destruction of the Nyx escorts, stating that “all loss of life in Malkalen that tragic day can be attributed directly to the actions of Noir alone,” further adding that Ishukone’s account of events in the moments leading up to the disaster were accurate.

Meanwhile, the streets of Caldari Prime remain eerily quiet since Otro Gariushi’s appeal for calm in the days leading up to the Malkalen Economic Summit, and there have been no additional reports of violence against Gallente expatriates in Caldari space.