Federation Navy Liaison Engages in Militia Review

New Eden News | YC111-07-22

Villore - Speaking outside the office of the Senate's Defense Committee, Federation Navy Captain Jaxon Harner issued a statement regarding the Navy's forthcoming involvement in the militia review. As the appointed Navy liaison to the Senate's Military Oversight department, Captain Harner had reportedly met with the Defense Committee, as well as Senator Chermoul previously, to assess potential Federation Navy participation in the ongoing review.

"From what I have seen thus far," stated Captain Harner, "I have concluded that our office will conduct a parallel investigation of the militia administration. I have determined our investigation will run parallel to the Defense Committee, instead of within their own review, so both parties can be as complete and thorough in our findings as possible. The Senate Defense Committee has done a good job so far, and I have no doubts they will continue to do so."

When asked for Senator Chermoul's opinions on this development the Captain declined to comment, stating "the senator's opinions are for him to declare." Senator Chermoul was unavailable for comment, having recently left the senate building on a short public relations venture. Captain Harner was also asked what he expected the outcome of the Navy's own investigation to be, to which he replied:

"I would not speculate at this time. However, it is clear from our own interpretation of the committee's findings to date that a budget increase for the militia administration may be required. As for tactical planning, it is entirely possible that the FDU could benefit from closer involvement with the Federation Navy, even as a division of the Navy itself where even more resources could be allocated. However, our investigation, along with the Defense Committee's, will determine the future of the militia."