Federation Navy Detachment Locks Down Barille Constellation

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

The Federation Navy has ordered a reserve detachment, destined for Seyllin, to seize control of the CreoDron site and all key system-wide infrastructures across the Barille constellation, including the receiving station for the scout drones. Eager to pre-empt negative speculation, military spokespeople have already pressed their case to local media that all measures currently underway are precautionary and "designed to limit any further loss of life and property."

When questioned about the location of Prof. Lianda Burreau's research team, military officials revealed that she had left through the wormhole "long ago." They stressed that the professor "had in no way been threatened or coerced" and that she "entered the wormhole out of her own accord." They added that her decision to enter the system risked not only her life, but potentially that of "many other innocent and law-abiding citizens."

The Federation Navy issued a statement warning interstellar travelers to continue avoiding any system disturbances and has encouraged starship captains to report any unusual sightings.