Federation casts a wary eye at the 'Heth situation'

New Eden News | YC110-05-07

While the Gallente Federal Government has issued no official reaction to the inflammatory speech delivered by new Caldari Constructions CEO Tibus Heth, analysts and experts across the Federation are keeping close watch on the situation.

"This could incite further anti-Gallente sentiment in the State" said Dr. Kirby Metai, a security analyst with the Federal Navy Academy. "It's only one man, but he clearly has ambitions, and he has already achieved much. If he uses his masses-friendly rhetoric to whip up support, he could turn a large portion of the State against the Federation."

Metai believes that Heth's sudden rise may inspire similar uprisings throughout the State. "We've already seen hundreds of riots break out among workers across the State. So far, the Megacorps have refrained from reacting as harshly as Caldari Constructions, with the executives fearing a similar loss of power. It remains to be seen if their lighter touch will have success where the former Caldari Constructions executives failed, or if they're merely slowing their demise."

Elvin Smoltz, a specialist of Caldari Megacorp internal workings, fears that Heth's impact may already spell problems for the State and Federation. "Widespread rioting in the streets? Destruction of property? The Caldari State is a mess right now, all thanks to Heth. He's singlehandedly destabilized the State to a degree we haven't seen in quite some time, if ever. If he wanted to seize more power than he has already, he may have his avenue. The Megacorps have the power to stabilize things and keep the peace. It remains to be seen if they will."

Metai concurs with Smoltz's general analysis, though disagrees with the finer points. "Frankly, with the current climate in the State, there's no need for a seizure of power. Heth may have everything he wants or needs right now. Though if Heth's ambitious are greater, he must be watched closely. His charisma is great enough that he can go even further."

Comments were sought from the Federal Administration and the Federal Intelligence Office. The Administration replied that it "did not wish to comment on foreign corporate politics." The FIO responded that it was "monitoring the situation and will continue to do so as warranted" but did not have any commentary on the situation itself.

At least one commentator is viewing Heth's ascension to power with cautious optimism. Said Avery Fatai, of Material Acquisition, "While I obviously don't appreciate his sentiments about the Federation, at least he is providing an alternative to the Caldari workforce. A strong populist message could do a lot for the Caldari and, if Heth figures out the Federation isn't his enemy, bring our two nations closer together."