Farewell to a Racing Legend

New Eden News | YC110-04-24

Onward to Glory - On Sunday 20th April we were privileged to be spectators at the third ISGC racing league race of Season V.

There were two main differences to this race compared to any other race the league has ever held, the first was that for the first time in league history there were two waypoint cans at most of the waypoints.

This caused some confusion amongst the racers at first who are not used to having sequential waypoints right next to each other; this also made each waypoint a lot more dangerous as it gave any roaming pirate gangs that much longer to target and attack.

The second main difference of this race was that it was dedicated to the memory of Mr. Kendar Zek, who passed away in his sleep on during the early hours of Friday 18th April.

Mr Zek was a well-known philanthropist in New Eden, owner of the Venture Racing Team, and one of the main sponsors of the Interstellar Gaming Consortium Racing League. His untimely demise has caused quite a ripple in the circles where he was known. He was not known to be in ill health even by his closest friends, but it would appear from a statement made by Mr Zek shortly before he passed on, that he was aware of his situation and had made provision for the distribution of his estate and the smooth running of his beloved racing team. More information may be found on his last GalNet announcement.

It is fitting that this race, in remembrance of Mr Zek, was once again dominated by Takashi Karasuwo ex-manager, now owner of the Venture Racing Team. Mr Karasuwo has been unstoppable for the last couple seasons, and even among the racers he is known as the best and fastest, in fact he is so good that you cannot place a bet on him to win as the bookmaker that deals with the racing league does not feel that Mr Karasuwo could possibly lose.

All the teams are looking strong this season and we are looking forward to a possible change in the finishing order in the next couple of races.

The next race is set to take place in the Everyshore region on Sunday 27th April starting at 20:00.

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