Family Demands Answers from FIO

New Eden News | YC111-02-03

Leremblompes, Essence - In a press conference today, family and friends of Federal Freight employee Querian Galoud have publicly called upon the FIO to release any information concerning Galoud's whereabouts. A senior accounts manager with over 15 years at Federal Freight, Galoud was brought in by FIO agents as a "person of interest" during the Office's investigation following last year's break-in. "The last time I saw Querian, he was being loaded into an unmarked ground-car by the Black Eagles," said Galoud's wife. "That was nearly three months ago."

Javen Semier, a lawyer representing the Galoud family, also spoke at the press conference, saying, "It is a matter of public record that the FIO has found both the individual employees and the Federal Freight corporation as a whole innocent of any involvement in espionage. Mr. Galoud cooperated fully with the investigation, and no charges or arraignments have been made. The FIO has been singularly uncooperative in providing any information about Mr. Galoud's whereabouts or condition, leading us to believe that Mr. Galoud remains in FIO custody and is being denied access to legal counsel in direct violation of Federation law."

Shortly after the public appeal by Mr. Galoud's family, the FIO issued the following statement: "Mr. Galoud was brought in for questioning and promptly released after his statement was taken. What happened to him after he left FIO custody is not a topic upon which we can speculate." When pressed by members of the media for further information regarding the timeline of Galoud's custody, the FIO spokesman simply said, "It is not the policy of the Special Department of Internal Investigations to release investigative material without an Executive or Senate order."