Eyewitness reports from inside Yulai

New Eden News | YC110-06-10

Yulai - Reports are filtering in to various news networks from startled eyewitnesses on-scene, who are now seemingly trapped inside the system of Yulai.

"This is [censored] crazy," said Raimi Eschin, a Gallentean trader in a live transmission moments ago. "I just tried to leave the system and…nothing. Tried another gate and…they’re all [censored] offline. I headed back to dock, thinking it was a simple malfunction and…Minmatar ships, everywhere. I’ve never seen a fleet like that. I’ve no idea where to go or what is going on, I’m just glad we’re issued cloaking devices, I’m going safe." It is unclear at this time if any shots have been fired.

Posted 09:38 GMT