Explosions Destroy Arms Factory, 100 Dead; Sabotage Suspected

New Eden News | YC110-05-08

Nakugard – A major arms manufacturing complex located in the Nakugard system was today rocked by massive explosions which entirely destroyed one factory and damaged another, killing many workers. The destroyed factory produced depleted uranium shells for battleship class cannons and significant damage was also inflicted on a light autocannon facility in the same complex. Initial reports are that approximately 100 workers have been killed, though there are fears the death toll may rise. Investigators are indicating that they believe this was a deliberate act of sabotage rather than any kind of industrial accident, based primarily on the regular pattern and widespread nature of the explosions.

Operated by the Krusual Tribe as part of their considerable holdings in Nakugard system, the arms manufacturing complex is known to have been a significant supplier of armaments and ammunition to both the Republic Navy and the Krusual Tribe's own militia. The Krusual recently declined to supply the Brutor Tribe with armaments from this facility, leading some to speculate that the sabotage may have been carried out by radical elements among the Brutor.

The Brutor Tribe has angrily dismissed the suggestion that a failed trade negotiation would lead them to kill fellow Minmatar as 'grossly insulting'. One anonymous Brutor source went so far as to say that, "We shall consider anyone giving voice to these baseless accusations as having infringed on the honour of the Tribe and take steps to satisfy that honour." The Krusual Tribe itself has refrained from commenting but moved large numbers of warships and militia into Nakugard and surrounding systems within hours of the catastrophe.

Investigators are refusing to comment other than to confirm that they believe the explosions are the result of sabotage. Numerous police, customs and military officers are co-ordinating in a concentrated effort to question surviving employees and gather evidence in the vicinity. Emergency workers continue to search through the ruined factories for survivors, though there is a grim expectation that more dead will be discovered. Hospital facilities in Nakugard are coping with the influx of dozens of wounded, while support staff and equipment are being rushed from surrounding systems.

Tensions remain high in the Nakugard system and local Republic forces are on full alert as the hunt for the saboteurs continues.