Experienced Explorer Warns of the Risks of Relying on Scout Drones

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

Speaking from his home in Caille, Julien Sirrok, the famed deep space explorer and expert on astronomical anomalies, warned the CreoDron wormhole exploration team on the over-reliance of scout drones.

"I would suggest that Professor Burreau be extremely cautious in her assessment of scout drone telemetry," said Sirrok. "The data can be misleading even in relatively well-understood local space. If she is right and the explored system is in another galaxy, then it is quite possible that conditions local to that space are unusual to say the least."

The explorer - who is perhaps most famous for bringing two-thirds of his crew back alive from the ill-fated "Cord of the Elements Expedition" a decade ago - continued. "An expedition into an entirely new region of space in this galaxy would take weeks, if not months, to prepare for. I realize the events at Seyllin give urgency to this effort, but they've got to take care, or none of them will come back alive."