Expanding Immortality : Jump Clone Services

New Eden News | YC110-07-03

In addition to the millions of goods sold daily in New Eden, somewhat exotic services can also be purchased. One such service for sale is the “Jump Clone Service".

Pod pilots use jump clones to facilitate seamless travel between any two stations in New Eden. This is accomplished by activating a remote clone, at the same time as the existing clone is deactivated. This means that as long as there is a dormant clone at the destination, travel between such places as Jita and Rens can be handled in seconds, instead of being at the mercy of the speed of a ship. Click picture to view scientific article on cloning The main drawback of the Jump Clone system is that an extraordinarily high status must be held with the station owner before a Jump Clone can be installed. Once the Jump Clone is installed, it will remain available as long as it is not destroyed, regardless of any standing loss the pod pilot may incur towards the station owner in the future.

To counter this drawback, several corporations that have achieved high standings with some factions are allowing pod pilots to temporarily join their corporation in order to install Jump Clones at certain locations. While the service may be identical among various corporations and alliances, terms can vary wildly from entity to entity. There are more than enough willing groups to let the average pod pilot pick his terms however, whether influenced by which alliances and corporations hold a suitable station nearby or where they might find the best offer.

One notable corporation that advertises on GalNet has many satisfied customers, offering their clients access to an area where they can install any number of jump clones. Included in their fee is also the ability to use the service again if ever desired.

One customer stated, “Outstanding service. Between applying to the Corp and installing all my jump clones was less than 60 minutes.”

Some pod pilots have found a way to extend jump clones services without the need to own a station. These enterprising pilots have begun selling the ability to install jump clones on their capital ships. With this service, pilots fly to the capital ship in space and install a jump clone directly.

All it takes for any pod pilot to join the ranks of jump clone holders is a rudimentary understanding of the Infomorph Psychology skill, helping steel them for the unsettling experience of traveling between bodies.

The only other drawback with jump clones is a twenty-four hour waiting period before another jump can be performed; the delay is necessary as the mind has trouble coping with the harsh stresses of transference.