EverMore Accuses NES of Capsuleer Monopoly Amidst New Paragon Platform Rumors

New Eden News | YC126-03-20

IRIS at Press conference

EverMore Accuses NES of Capsuleer Monopoly Amidst New Paragon Platform Rumors

Yulai, Genesis - EverMore has filed a legal appeal with the Secure Commerce Commission calling for an investigation into the New Eden Store for antitrust violations. According to EverMore, the NES’s commissary contract with the Society of Conscious Thought is an effective monopoly on capsuleer services. Following this news, an anonymous source within EverMore has revealed that Paragon, an EverMore subsidiary, is developing a new artistic platform for capsuleers.

IRIS, Paragon's AI liaison, has declined to confirm or deny the development of a new platform, or any possible connection with the appeal. “Paragon development is on a journey to help our capsuleer partners ‘be more’,” IRIS stated at a press conference held in Paragon’s headquarters in Ourapheh. “I’m so glad that this is just as exciting for you as it is for us, but you will have to wait a little longer before we reveal our next destination. As for the NES, our parent company is founded on a promise to ‘bring all things to all people’. Non-competitive behavior is a barrier that restricts our ability to fulfill that promise to our partners.”

The NES has held an exclusive commissary contract with the SOCT since YC118. The contract was initially issued for skill trading products but has expanded to cover a wide range of services. The NES is run by a board comprised of representatives from numerous notable corporations.

No official response by the NES has been made. However, board member Ganortchar Asabona accused EverMore’s President Alexander Ducasse of “petty bullying tactics” when speaking with reporters outside his home in Khanid Prime I earlier today. He went on to accuse EverMore of “using their Cromeaux lackeys to spy on NES board meetings and bolster their fraudulent claims”. Cromeaux Inc., which EverMore purchased a controlling interest in last year, has held seats on the NES board since its foundation. Their CEO Daphnie Fonterouche has declined to comment on the accusation, but sources close to Alexander Ducasse have informed the Scope that he is taking legal advice on a possible defamation lawsuit against Asabona.

News in Brief

  • Break-in discovered at GRNJ-3 Intaki Space Police testing facility reportedly targeted prototype Syndicate dropsuits developed in partnership with Mordu's Legion.

  • AIR Laboratories is preparing to publish its first findings from its ongoing research into New Eden’s capsuleers.

  • SOCT launches a new astronomical observation program aimed at understanding Abyssal Deadspace and its denizens.

  • First ever Shapash lost in combat during an engagement in the system of Aset.

  • CDIA actively seeking information on Arkombine figure identified as "Lifegiver" following the reappearance of this alias, known to DED since YC114, in Deathless affiliate communications.

  • Major investments from an undisclosed organization have been independently reported by Ostrakon Agency and Intara Direct Action in their recent SCC filings.

  • EDENCOM prepares new abyssal scouts as Triglavian communications become quieter across Pochven.