Ethnic Violence Spreads Throughout Caldari State

New Eden News | YC110-05-11

Lonetrek - Numerous racially-motivated attacks against Gallentean expatriates residing in the Caldari State were reported last night as word of the ethnic violence on Caldari Prime spread. The sudden rise in incidents follows the use of lethal force by Federation municipal police forces to quell rioting in the major cities of Tovil and Arcurio. Reports of assaults, property damage, and hate crimes against Gallentean expatriates have been confirmed throughout territories held by the Lai Dai, Sukuuvestaa, Kaalakiota, and Wiyrkomi mega-corporations. Anonymous sources are also reporting that mega-corporate police forces are doing little to stop it, undoubtedly reciprocating the treatment of ethnic Caldari on Caldari Prime.

Millions of Gallenteans operate businesses within the State ranging from commodity importing to wealth management services, many of which are unpopular locally yet somehow manage to thrive in a sluggish State economy. The sudden escalation of hostilities is largely attributed to the dramatic takeover of the Caldari Constructions corporation by Tibus Heth, who blames the State's economic problems on Federation influence, and whose openly anti-Gallentean comments have fueled racial tensions.