Enforcement Fleet Crushes Remaining 'Refusard' Holders; Qualifying Slaves Released

New Eden News | YC111-01-07

Mikhir, Domain - The Office of the Imperial Chancellor has announced the total compliance of the so-called 'Refusards,' holders who initially refused to release slaves in accordance with the edict of Empress Jamyl I. Elements of the Kor-Azor regional fleet, acting with the authority of the Office of Imperial Chancellor, are reported to have assaulted the holdings of the Refusard leaders and released all slaves qualifying under the edict.

"The Imperial Chancellor wishes it to be known that the Imperial edict is now in force across the Empire in actuality and with no exceptions," said Commander Artamya Sane. "Those holders who persisted in their refusal have been seized. The leaders have already been executed in accordance with Imperial law for refusing a direct instruction from their Empress. Those who foolishly followed these prideful men are reduced to slavery. Their entire families, and those of their leaders, will follow them into servitude for generations to come. Such is the fate of the disloyal and the faithless. They will have to learn again what it is to believe."

Reports from the planets involved indicate hard fighting in some areas, with orbital bombardment used against several targets. It is estimated that over fifteen million slaves were being held in defiance of the Imperial edict. These will now be transported to central hubs of the Empire and from there given a choice of destination in line with the terms of Empress Jamyl's proclamation.