Empress Jamyl I begins reign

New Eden News | YC110-10-04

Amarr - In her first acts as the reigning leader of the Amarr Empire, Empress Jamyl I issued several proclamations today, the highlights of which included the confirmation of a new Sarum heir and the appointment of a new Court Chamberlain.

In a move that surprised few, Jamyl confirmed that her nephew, Merimeth Sarum, had been nominated and accepted as the new Heir of the Sarum Family. International opinion seems divided on the young Heir who has been kept in wings of the Sarum Family for some time, which had for several years displayed an unexplained reluctance to replace the assumed-deceased Jamyl. Speaking briefly after the ceremony, Merimeth remarked that he was "honored to accept the responsibility, and impatient to begin [his] duties."

Slightly more controversially, long-serving Sarum House Steward Pomik Haromi was sworn in as the new Court Chamberlain, replacing Chamberlain Hemirin who had briefly occupied the position to help lay the late Emperor Doriam II's legacy to rest. While highly experienced in administrative matters, Pomik has elected to stay largely removed from Court politics during his career, and several self-declared contenders for the position have quietly questioned his ability to properly discharge the responsibility.

Further changes are on their way: a reorganization of the Privy Council was announced but not detailed, and while interpretations vary it seems that Jamyl's coronation speech hints at larger revelations to come. In particular, the cryptic promise to reward those who help the Empire has triggered a great deal of discussion, with some suggesting it is directed at neighbouring nations, while others claim it's a direct challenge to the surviving Heirs. There is little consensus on this issue yet, but while most Court noteables have refused to comment on the matter, rumours abound that several clandestine schemes are already in motion.