Empress Breaks Silence on Upwell

New Eden News | YC126-06-07
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Empress Breaks Silence on Upwell

Domain, Amarr - Empress Catiz I has given a public address on Upwell workforce clone transfers. Over the last month both those for and against the transfers have called for the Empress to speak on the issue. The Empress broke her silence in a cluster-wide broadcast made from the Imperial Palace on Amarr Prime.

In an uncharacteristic move, the Empress focused on scripture, beginning with “'As Emperor rules Holder; as Holder rules Serf; Yet all under Heaven serve Me,' Consider those words, ‘all under Heaven serve Me’. Not only those who serve within the Empire, but all. 'You will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens.' Not only the reaches of our holy Empire, but ‘every planet.’”

The speech was however not entirely positive on the issue. “Sacred flesh may not be remade, but those who consider their bodies profane or filled with sin might feel the need to cast them off.” The religious doctrine of sacred flesh is usually only applied to royals, not the commoners who are most likely to seek out Upwell workforce transfers. However, the implication that Upwell transfers are desirable to the sinful echoes the rhetoric used by Upwell’s critics.

The Empress concluded that “Those considering Upwell’s invitation must maintain their faith. No matter what world they live in, or what flesh they inhabit, they must carry their devotion to Amarr with them.” The address was met with rapturous applause at the Imperial Palace and was praised as a “thoughtful and powerful exploration of the topic through the lens of faith” by Amarr Certified News.

The speech, however, fell short of passing an Imperial Edict on the matter. Without an edict, the decision on whether to allow the Upwell recruitment will remain with the noble houses and their holders. Those who can gain access to recruitment facilities will be free to transfer.

Lord Arim Ardishapur, the most vocal opponent of Upwell within the Amarr royal houses, told Amarr Certified News that he was “happy to await a clear edict on the matter once the Empress feels the time has come.” adding that “one cannot argue with wisdom born of scripture.” Sources within House Ardishapur have told the Scope that Lord Arim has withdrawn from any public debate on the issue following the Empress' uncharacteristic theological approach, leading to speculation that this was the reason for her reliance on scripture.

King Farokh Khanid, an open advocate of Upwell workforce transfers, called the announcement “an acceptable lecture on theology.” He too was left dissatisfied by the Empress' failure to deliver an edict on the matter, but offered that he was glad she was “open to the future, even if she is not yet ready to embrace it.”

News In Brief

  • Labor Populists deny any remaining connection to former member and terrorist Thibaul Tailler.

  • Questions raised by CONCORD as a known associate of the Deathless Circle spotted in SOE station in the Efu system.

  • Sukuuvestaa executive board meets with Upwell Consortium representatives as the Chief Executive Panel considers workforce transfers.

  • Kamí Día’s latest collection was banned in Amarr Empire by the Ministry of Internal Order.