Empires to enter a bidding war for Jovian body parts

New Eden News | YC106-05-17

With confirmation from the Jovian government that they will indeed try to collect as many parts of the unfortunate liaison Misu Banyia in order to revive him, the four empires are poised to enter a bidding war over who can collect the most parts. Starting tomorrow, the empires will start buying back selective body parts on the market. Due to the massive logistics involved they will only buy in bulk, meaning they will only do business for one thousand units or more at a time.

As gruesome as this spectacle promises to be, it will no doubt attract a huge amount of attention from every corner of the world. Not only because of the money involved, but because people are curious to see in what way the Jovians will reward the empire that collects the most body parts. There have even been rumors that the Jovians will reward those pilots or corporations most prominent in the collection process, though this has not been officially confirmed.

The Jovians are still close-mouthed about what went wrong with the teleportation device that resulted in the sad demise of Banyia. What little they have revealed suggest that the failure was human rather technological in nature, strengthening the rumors suggesting that foul play was involved. Nevertheless, the Jovians are preparing to conduct further tests on their new device, though one can only hope the results will be less dramatic in the future.