Disorderly Drunkard Disgraces Amarr

New Eden News | YC110-03-14

The highly embarrassing tale of an Amarr Civil Service employee’s drug-fuelled rampage has broken on the networks, despite the best efforts of ACS officials to keep the matter under wraps.

Azimass Ehkrojour, a long-term employee of the Amarr Civil Service, was found to be engaging in “animalistic, unsavory behavior deemed unfitting of the Amarr race”. Following a tip-off from an anonymous source, officials discovered him in a Gallente pleasure hub consuming vast quantities of alcohol and perusing the local entertainment facilities. It is also alleged that he was almost entirely naked as he ridiculed the local clientele when asked to lower his voice.

It is unclear whether he had consumed other illicit substances or had any in his possession but the nature and extent of his intoxication have convinced others that he was more than simply drunk. “He was in a universe of his own,” stated one local who had been present. “I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve seen some strange behavior, but this guy got up to some things I’d never seen before…things I could quite happily live out the rest of my life without seeing again.”

Now that the incident is public knowledge, Azimass' colleagues have been very forthcoming with details of the decline of his work ethic and performance over the last year. “We’ve had to carry him for a fair while now,” remarked one co-worker who wished to remain anonymous. “He has a history of being a bit of a party animal in his younger days, sometimes it resurfaces. The entire department gets nothing done on those days.”

Following his outburst, Azimass has been made redundant and is currently incarcerated pending an official trial and sentencing. Details of the trial and the charges being laid against him are yet to be announced, but officials will likely want to make an example of him.

The Amarr place a high premium on self-control and restraint. An incident of this nature is not only viewed as a violation of the body but also a violation of the soul and as such, an insult to God and the Empire. Despite this, there is a degree of leniency within the empire towards certain, more socially acceptable levels of excess. As one unnamed ACS source put it however, “when individuals cross the line and behave in such a way that it reflects poorly on their organization well…that’s an entire other matter.”

The Theology Council has issued an advisory in the wake of the scandal, reminding Amarrian citizens to “remain vigilant against the temptation that has corrupted lesser races,” and encouraged any further, similar incidents to be reported to Amarrian authorities, no matter where in the cluster they may occur.