Disgraced Minmatar Ambassador Evicted From First CONCORD Assembly Session

New Eden News | YC110-05-11

Yulai - Newly appointed Minmatar Ambassador Keitan Yun was banned from his first Assembly appearance following the delivery of his inaugural speech. The impassioned sermon was conducted behind a closed door session, during which he accused CONCORD of failing to "conquer the fundamental challenges of universal equality and human rights" and challenged them to explain the "hypocrisy" of allowing the Amarr Empire to hold a seat on the Assembly.

The insulted Amarrian ambassador responded with a fiery counter of his own, reminding the audience that Chamberlain Karsoth has continued the Minmatar goodwill programs enacted by the previous two Emperors, and that the woes of the Republic have nothing to do with CONCORD or Amarr, but are instead due to the nation's own fragmented nature and "corrupt, spineless leadership". The angry Assembly moderator apologized to the Amarrian ambassador and conceded that Keitan Yun's remarks were inappropriately "combative". Mr. Yun was then banned for the remainder of session and threatened with permanent expulsion if such behavior continued.

No comment was available from Minmatar Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular, who just appointed Mr. Yun to the diplomatic position late last week.