DED and EDENCOM Security Briefing Highlights Concerns Over Empires "Shadow War" Violence

New Eden News | YC125-03-24 - By Ret Gloriaxx

rep fleet capitals anchored Above: Republic Fleet capital ships at anchor

DED and EDENCOM Security Briefing Highlights Concerns Over Empires "Shadow War" Violence

Yulai, Genesis – DED and EDENCOM leadership highlighted "serious concerns" over the rising violence associated with the so-called "Shadow War" between the core empires in a rare public briefing before the New Eden Cluster Security Committee (CSC) of the CONCORD Inner Circle, today.

In particular, DED Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall noted the "significant increase" in capsuleer combat in high-security space due to conflict between suspect-flagged vessels at empire research facilities. Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir also reported on "increased mercenary and pirate activity associated with raids on research facilities", additionally noting that EDENCOM was tracking significant flows of illicit data, ISK, and advanced materials smuggled to locations spread across the outer regions of New Eden.

The DED's Star Marshal Kjersidur Elladall and EDENCOM's Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir were addressing the New Eden CSC following a request from the Society of Conscious Thought's Elder Mentor Matshi Raish. The New Eden CSC is an evolution of the Inner Circle's "War Council", set up during the Triglavian Invasions, and includes appointees from all five member states of the Inner Circle, together with leadership of CONCORD's military, intelligence, and security branches.

The CSC briefing also heard a report from Colonel Oveg Drust, commander of the notorious "Red Troop" anti-warclone unit of SARO – CONCORD's Special Affairs for Regulations & Order division. Colonel Drust outlined recent activities in the Placid region, particularly in the militia warzone, and detailed the elimination of "terrorist front organizations and Triglavian-affiliated warclone cells" together with a brief mention of operations in conjunction with DERAIL – the Department for Enforcement of Restrictions on Artificial Intelligence and Life.

The New Eden Cluster Security Committee entered a closed session to hear further particulars on increased Triglavian activities, renegade warclone cells, and special operations associated with the CONCORD mandate to eliminate rogue AIs.

caldari research complex Above: Caldari Special Operations & Research Base

Gallente Federation Senate Ratifies Non-Intervention Treaty with Amarr Empire

Villore, Essence – The Federation Senate has ratified a non-intervention treaty with the Amarr Empire, following the recommendation of President Celes Aguard, the Federal Security Council, and the Senate Subcommittee on Amarr-Gallente Relations. The "Treaty of Pashanai" was negotiated between the Empire and Federation following Caldari-Minmatar moves to a non-aggression pact and formalizes the ceasefire between Amarr and Gallente forces in the militia warzones. The ratification passed comfortably despite some opposition from the so-called "Bellaron Faction" of senators strongly opposed to President Aguard's military and diplomatic policies.

The Treaty of Pashanai has already been formally received by the Imperial Privy Council and ordered by Empress Catiz I to be promulgated as an element of Amarr scripture by the Theology Council. The entering of the non-intervention treaty into the Amarr scriptures will formalize it as part of the body of law of the Empire, meaning that the Treaty of Pashanai is now fully effective. With the the Treaty of Airaken between the Caldari and Minmatar in force, the Treaty of Pashanai brings to a complete end the previous system of military alliances that created two power blocs within the CONCORD empires.

calnav capitals anchored Above: Caldari capital ships at anchor

In Other News

  • 24th Imperial Crusade Offensive in Eugidi Continues as Vimeini Falls with Pressure on Avenod

  • Caldari Navy Stations in Syndicate Region Fully Operational Despite Guristas Raids

  • Senate Delegation to Intaki Returns to Villore to Prepare Report on Situation on Intaki Prime

  • Lai Dai Megacorporation Signs New Trade Deal with Khanid Kingdom for Supply of Military Equipment

  • Federation Navy Anchorage in Intaki System Opens Facilities as Military Traffic Increases

  • Republic Fleet Completes Rotation of Floseswin IV Garrisons and Resupply of Planetary Fortifications

  • Quafe Corporation Announces Sponsorship of New Amarr-Gallente Gravball Invitational Tour

  • Seykal Clan Raiders Repulsed by House Sarum Forces After Last Ditch Attack on Vimeini II Mineworks

  • Mass Demonstrations in Lenoika and Navyii Akat on Intaki Prime "Largely Peaceful" According to Planetary Gendarmes

  • Triglavian Clades "Apparently Regrouping" Following Spike of High Activity and Intense Fighting

  • Intaki Autonomists Demand Elections to Assembly be Held Without Delay After Executive Council Proposes Rescheduling

  • Vherokior Shamans Arrive on New Caldari Prime for "Unprecedented" Visit to Landfall Shrine at Invitation of Akimaka Saraki

  • Retirement Home for Space-Adapted Federal Workers Founded in Orbit of Luminaire VIII (Ortange)

  • Khanid Slaver Ship Mounting Four Guns Captured on the Surface of Weraroix II by Solitude Regional Gendarmes

  • Sang Do Overlords of the "Prosperity Drive" Faction Issue New Series of Bonded Digital Stamps to Recoup Civil War Losses

  • Midna Lyre Announces New Tour of Minmatar Republic in Protest of Treaty of Pashanai and in "Solidarity with Matari People"