Crime Lord Krullefor Detained by Thukker Fleet, 'Will Not Be Extradited'

New Eden News | YC111-09-17

M-MD3B - Thukker Mix has claimed that fugitive crime lord Baliggan Krullefor was captured by a search party in the Great Wildlands. According to a Thukker Mix spokesman, the fugitive was brought to an undisclosed location for holding and that he will not be released to Republic custody: "Krullefor and his Thukker associates will not be extradited," said Alfrald Enstulf, the spokesperson for the Thukker search teams.

Reactions have been harsh, with a statement from the Republic Security Services calling the action "unacceptable." Achimand Skulada, of the Republic Justice Department, derided Thukker Mix, declaring them "accomplices to murder and jailbreak".

According to Enstulf, Thukker Mix identified Krullefor's two co-fugitives as members of the Krullefor family's modern front, . All captured prisoners of Thukker origins will be held accountable to Thukker tribal law, and non-Thukkers will be released to Republic care, Alfrald Enstulf declared in a statement.

The Republic Justice Department has called for an emergency meeting this evening; select members of Republic government are expected to attend.