CreoDron Discovers Wormhole, Refutes CONCORD Advisory

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

Following on the heels of the travel ban established by CONCORD, Creodron's lead Astrophysicist Lianda Burreau announced the discovery of a "stable wormhole" in an undisclosed system.

Speaking to The Scope from an undisclosed location, Prof. Burreau has staked a claim on the safety of the wormhole, stating that she is so confident of the "needless overstatement" in CONCORD's travel warnings that she will travel through to the other side herself. She added that the excursion would not be pursued recklessly, and that long-range autonomous scout drones had already been deployed ahead of her to warn of any unforeseen risks.

Prof. Burreau is understood to have the complete confidence of CreoDrone CEO Roni Darieux and the Board of Directors. No comment has been forthcoming from Federation officials, as they, the scientists, and millions of citizens alike wait to hear back from the scout drone expedition.