Corruption Uncovered Within The Spacelane Patrol

New Eden News | YC107-01-04

In a recent sting operation, Spacelane Patrol internal security arrested several officers involved in a drug transaction with representatives of the Guristas pirate organization. The investigation focused on a small group of officers working out of the Oipo detachment of the Patrol. This operation is the culmination of weeks of investigative work by the security division, and is being hailed as proof that the organization is capable of policing its own members.

While this success is good news, it may only be the tip of the iceberg when dealing with internal corruption. Reports are already being leaked that these officers are part of a much larger group within the Patrol, who have been collaborating with the Gurista's in various illegal activities, and protecting the Gurista's interests.

"We are looking deeper into the accusations, and a full scale investigation is already underway." said Ameroisen Kuori, Commander of the Spacelane Patrol Security division. "Corruption within the ranks will not be tolerated and we will root out the source of it. Those responsible will be brought to justice, no matter how high within the ranks this corruption goes."