Coronation delayed

New Eden News | YC110-09-25

Hedion - The Coronation of Jamyl Sarum as Empress Jamyl I that was due to be held tomorrow has been postponed one week, Chamberlain Hemirin announced today. The Chamberlain did not explain the change, but did note that the future Empress had approved it.

Speculation on the event is rife throughout the Empire. Some point to several inauspicious events such as the recent disappearance of several Speakers of Truth enroute to the coronation; and an outbreak of Phyrezi fever, a short-lived but virulent and easily transmitted virus, which is spreading rapidly throughout Uriam Kador's domain.

Others point to rumors of an assassination plot against the Empress, though no clear evidence of such a plot has yet been presented in any open court. The Sarum Family has been operating an extremely strict security procedure in the weeks leading up to the ceremony, but Security Commander Pareh Mere claims that this is merely a normal precaution.

While no firm reason has come forward for this change, the general mood in the Empire remains optimistic and its people seem patient.