Contraband market flourishes in Nonni

New Eden News | YC107-04-25

Late last night, a freelance trader named Kerio Ekoena was spotted in the Nonni system, buying slaves, drugs, firearms and a whole host of other illegal goods, showing that the rumour mill can occasionally hold the unvarnished truth.

Working for a third party corporation, he is suspected to have spent millions obtaining the contraband items they require. Who he is fronting for is still the object of wide speculation. Astonishingly though, it is believed that a trader by the name of Jashira Ne´rgha of Galactic Trading and Logistics, a reputable Gallente firm, was present amongst the smugglers selling large quantities of contraband items on behalf of her corporation.

With the trading taking place in a system with supposed Concord presence, some more publicly concerned citizens have cried for an answer as to why they didn’t intervene. So far Concord public relations officials have declined to comment.