Contraband market flares again

New Eden News | YC107-04-28

Last night in the systems of Nonni and Jita, a large scale contraband purchase happened for the second time in less than a week.

During a one hour window, when CONCORD and the local police patrols were at a minimum, two freelance traders, Kerio Ekoena and Leiara Xjenion announced their presence and began a frenzied collection of the illegal goods they required. In this case it was drugs and DNA samples.

Jashira Ne´rgha, the representative for Galactic Trading and Logistics was also present. This turnout is leading many to believe that she has insider knowledge of when and where these trades are happening. She was however, only seen passing through Nonni and it is unclear whether she did participate on this occasion.

Offical representatives of CONCORD and the police in Jita and Nonni, have once again declined to answer any questions about the activities in their systems.