Contesting fleet destroys neutral pirate carrier

New Eden News | YC110-06-14

URPIKEN, BLACK RISE - Although the Federal Defence Union, founded after the authorisation of the "Emergency Militia War Powers Act", has only been in operation for a few days, hundreds of loyal Gallente pilots have already joined the militia to fight against the Amarr Empire and Caldari State. Early operations to secure systems located in the Black Rise region from the Caldari State have proven to be successful with Gallente pilots downing the most ships out of the four Empire militia forces so far.

One operation in the Urpiken constellation, headed by Benedict Dauphine of the Gallente-aligned corporation "Anatolian Diligentia" was jumped by a carrier belonging to the Celestial Frontier alliance, a neutral entity that is not an official participant in the current conflict. Despite engaging Gallente pilots attempting to complete operations in the Hykanima system, the carrier was destroyed by a large Gallente militia fleet around 20:30 EVE Time on the 13th. The entire constellation of Urpiken is now in disputed status, although all systems at this time remain in the hands of the Caldari State.

Militia pilot Tim Chapman offered these words of encouragement to Gallente pilots in fighting against the Caldari forces; "We may be out numbered, but our desire to win, our superior teamwork and communications will continue to push us ahead further and further in this war. look at the statistics we are the best and as it stands now the caldari scum appear to be afraid to fight us and rightfully so, every time we fight with even numbers we have come out on top".