Constructions Stock Reverses Freefall, Soars

New Eden News | YC110-05-02

Yulai – In a stunning reversal that has left traders and regulators alike scrambling for an explanation, Caldari Constructions stock is currently skyrocketing upwards, regaining and then surpassing almost all of the value lost when news of the worker uprising began. Setting an all-time high for trade volume, the abrupt change leaves Constructions stock as the only Caldari security listed on the CSE with a net positive gain on the day. "There was a big buyer out there when all the commotion started," one trader commented. "He’s been there all day, taking the stock in just as fast as everyone else was shorting it. Now all the institutions are exposed on the upside and trying to buy shares back as fast as they can, pushing the thing up even higher." The Secure Commerce Commission is equally perplexed, and monitoring the Armor Forge developments closely. "In light of the day’s events on Piak III, let’s just say that we’re watching these trades closely and leave it at that," an anonymous SCC official commented.

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