Confusion, Shortages Spreading On Intaki Prime

New Eden News | YC111-05-01

Intaki - A month after State Protectorate forces established space superiority in the Intaki system, the situation on Intaki Prime itself continues to decline slowly, despite the best efforts of the Intaki government. While the protests commonly seen on the streets of Intaki cities during the occupation's first two weeks have largely abated, the population remains anxious over the possibility of a planetary invasion.

So far, the planet has been spared food shortages like those experienced by many colonies in Verge Vendor. However, the planet has begun to experience some shortages of high-tech goods, causing breakdowns and maintenance delays with the planet's transportation and communications infrastructure. These have only intensified public concern.

"I try to go about my daily life like always," said Heneque Tatetur, a mother of two who lives in a suburb of the capital. "But I can't help but think about what happened on Caldari Prime and wonder if that is going to happen here. And if it does, what will become of us?"

"The ambiguous state of occupied systems under the CONCORD agreement that created the militias is generating a lot of fear," explains Rhin Husel, a senior official with the Intaki assembly. "It's unclear under what circumstances Caldari ground forces would be able to invade a heavily populated world, and what such an invasion would look like. Federation troops here have been on high alert since the occupation began, and the rest of the public can sense the tension."