CONCORD's investigation shed no light so far

New Eden News | YC107-07-16

NEW CALDARI. The State "will regard the assassination of Doriam II as an Amarrian internal affair until proven otherwise", said CEP official earlier this morning.

"To our knowledge, CONCORD's investigation has shed no light so far on the identity of the perpetrator nor the motives behind the crime", said Nashokoda Pekumatken, Chief Executive Panel spokesperson at New Caldari CEP HQ. Following the diplomatic stance on the Mabnen incident during early June "without proof of an external faction being involved, the State will maintain its position and consider these events as amarrian internal affairs. Under these circumstances no special instructions will be issued to the Caldari Navy on the subject". The statement was later confirmed by CalNav spokesperson Kutatala Ikao.

The Amarr Empire has "a good track record not letting strife among internal factions spill into their foreign affairs policies; the controversies during Heideran VII's succession never affected our political or economical relations save for the usual stock market fluctuations that usually follow great political changes. We expect the next succession to be no different."

According to CEP officials the State's position will be revised following CONCORD's findings. An undisclosed source remarked that as of today said findings "amount to an absolute, pathetic zero. The State finds this lack of results disturbing: CONCORD's officials seem much more efficient in telling us how to run our corporations than in resolving an Emperor's assassination", making a clear reference to CONCORD's legislation during late April prohibiting empire corporation agents from passing on Tech II construction components to capsule pilots engaged in freelance work for them, a decision opposed at the time by both the Caldari State and Amarrian Empire.