CONCORD Time Measuring Mission Delayed After Violent Assault

New Eden News | YC120-01-06 - By Ret Gloriaxx

YULAI - CONCORD Officials have stated that the research mission of Dr. Reniret has been delayed after both him and his team were violently attacked while on their way to Luminaire. CONCORD Public Communications Officer Lorienne Nesif said the following on the matter:

"At 21:14 today, two Enforcer-class ships used by Dr. Reniret, his team, and myself, were violently attacked by a small group of aggressors. The attack has not been claimed by any particular group. Witnesses so far have only been able to tell us that the aggressors staged their attack from the Duvolle Laboratories Factory in Luminaire. Their whereabouts prior or after this vicious assault have thus-far not been established.

CONCORD will be launching a full investigation into the attack and asks anybody that may have more knowledge about the matter to step forward"

When asked, a Duvolle Laboratories spokesperson only had the following statement to give:

"At this point I can only deny the involvement of Duvolle Laboratories in this attack. We have already been in touch with CONCORD officials and have offered our full cooperation to the investigation."