Concord promises increased news coverage, announces syndication of reports from all of known space.

New Eden News | YC105-09-23

In continuing efforts to bring the five empires closer together, Concord today promised increased news coverage of known space, chiefly through the syndication of reports from journalists representing the variety of cultures and regions under Concord's jurisdiction.

"Our goal with this program is simple: to bring the news to the people in a timely and straight-forward fashion," a Concord spokesperson said. "The syndication of these reports from these journalists is one of the methods we're turning to in order to accomplish this." When asked about possible bias among the reporters, the spokesperson replied, "I'm sure we can rely on our reporters for the utmost in objectivity and honesty, regardless of their race or empire of origin."

Among the reporters chosen by Concord is Lemetar Relem, a Sebiestor Minmatar formerly of Republic University. Relem will largely be covering the Minmatar regions and issues important to the people who live and work in those systems, as well as continuing developments along the Minmatar-Amarr border systems.

Lemetar Relem prepared this item, and wishes to state that he is honored to have been chosen by Concord for syndication.