CONCORD Powers Eye Trade and Technology Opportunities Amidst Isolated Wars

New Eden News | YC125-03-17 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Scope Stellar and Relay Above: Development of captured Triglavian technology at heart of recent diplomatic upheavals

CONCORD Powers Eye Trade and Technology Opportunities Amidst Isolated Wars

Yulai, Genesis – Diplomats and operatives of the "Big 4" CONCORD empires are reported to be actively escalating trade negotiations and efforts to acquire new technology, as the two militia warzones and empire militaries adjust to the reality of isolated wars. Ongoing ceasefires, the Caldari-Minmatar "Treaty of Airaken", and a looming treaty between the Amarr and Gallente seem set to bring a lasting end to the old military alliances between both the State and Empire, and Republic and Federation.

Early indications suggest an increase in trade and investment is set to flow between empires that will no longer be in a state of limited war due to the obligations of military agreements. Many corporations, business leaders, and trade officials are currently focused on developing new trade links while preserving those with existing interstellar partners. Secure Commerce Commission officials are reported to be providing support to all empires seeking to increase capital investment and financing arrangements across interstellar borders.

Militarily, the State and Republic appear to be focused on increased trade, technology, and security co-operation opportunities as a means to rapidly upgrade and refit their armed forces, while building out new fleets and developing new military technology. For the Empire and Federation, the opportunity most welcome to their large but stretched naval forces is the ability to redeploy and concentrate forces that would otherwise be involved in high levels of patrolling and garrisoning of the lengthy borders between the two great powers.

CONCORD assembly speech Above: CONCORD Assembly debates espionage and technology sharing crisis

Inner Circle Debates as Capsuleers and Mercenaries Compete for Advanced Technologies

Yulai, Genesis – EDENCOM Intelligence has reported a "deeply concerning trend" of capsuleer and mercenary involvement in Triglavian technology acquisition and trading, according to a report presented to the CONCORD Inner Circle by Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir. The EDENCOM analysis of recent activity has identified an "alarming spike in activity by mercenaries associated with organized crime groups representing an alliance between renegade Caldari and Minmatar interests."

EDENCOM's Marshal Valkanir was met with significant criticism for focusing on "so-called Caldari interests" from the State representative, Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola. Minmatar Ambassador Keitan Yun flatly refused to vote to accept the report, stating it is "an attempt by the Amarr Empire's EDENCOM catspaws to put the legitimate interests of the Republic and State on all fours with their recently exposed espionage efforts."

The Federation's Ambassador Devan Malate expressed his displeasure at "the politicisation of EDENCOM and the vital interstellar regime of technology sharing under the Yulai Accords." The Federation delegate stated full support for Marshal Valkanir and once more urged a return to technology sharing protocols.

The Amarr Empire's Royal Heir Hamideh Kador indicated support for the EDENCOM report, noting: "the Federation position that capsuleers may legitimately enforce technology sharing is one we agree has merit, and indeed the Amarr Empire has all along been working to enforce technology sharing rules in the matter of the so-called 'Interstellar Shipcaster', along with EDENCOM and CONCORD officials. The Holy Amarr Empire is, after all, a realm of law and order as required by our full faith in divine providence."

intaki stargate to amygnon Above: Intaki-Amygnon stargate, a recent new link in extensive Federation trade and logistics networks

Amarr-Gallente Non-Intervention Treaty On Track for Domestic Ratification

Pashanai, Genesis – Royal Heir Ersilia Kor-Azor and Councillor Wayaki Kayara are returning to Amarr and Luminaire, respectively, to present the text of the "Treaty of Pashanai", as signed by them on behalf of Empress Catiz I and President Celes Aguard, for ratification by the Amarr Privy Council and Federation Senate.

The treaty of non-intervention between the Amarr Empire and Gallente Federation was agreed and provisionally signed late yesterday, following several rounds of negotiations. The ceasefire between the 24th Imperial Crusade and Federal Defense Union is now set to become a lasting armistice, just as the cessation of hostilities between the State Protectorate and Tribal Liberation Forces has been formalized by the "Treaty of Airaken".

The treaty was agreed following a late compromise on sanctions reached between the Federation and Empire. Federation sanctions on institutions of the Amarr Empire and its vassal states are to be lifted, along with reciprocal Amarr sanctions. Exemplary sanctions remain on certain named individuals, such as Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez of the Khanid Kingdom and Mentas Blaque of the Federation Intelligence Office.

Notably, negotiators from the Amarr Trade Registry are already reported to be meeting with officials from Federation Customs to discuss easing tariffs and agreeing practical steps towards lifting various of the sanctions both empires impose on one another.

5ZXX K keepstar explosion Above: Capsuleer Keepstar in 5ZXX-K system, Pure Blind region, explodes after final assault

News in Brief

  • Third Day of Relative Calm on Intaki Prime as Tentative Peace Holds Following Weeks of Protest and Riots

  • Brutal and Extended Battles Over Pure Blind Keepstars See Over Thousand Capsuleer Ships Lost

  • Intaki Assembly Hires Algintal Core PMC to Hunt Aenebra Assassination Cells After Rebuffing Mordu's Legion

  • Trillions of ISK in Structures, Ships, and Equipment Destroyed or Looted as Capsuleer War Runs Hot

  • Intaki Autonomist Movement Demands Federation Military Leave Intaki Prime for "Lasting Civil Peace"

  • Refugees Flee Destruction of Three Keepstars and Associated Structures Across Pure Blind

  • Free Intaki Army Splinter Group Ambushes Namtar Elite Mercenaries in Western Akat Foothills

  • Capsuleer Coalition Warlords Prepare for Further Assaults on Targets in Northern Outer Regions

  • Viriette Special Military District Duties Assigned to Elite Unit from Gallente Police Directorate

  • CONCORD Emergency Responders and Frontier Safeguarders Assisting SOE Search and Rescue in Pure Blind

  • Senators Shaileen Ramnev and Kelen Ontbad Visit Lenoika Textile District to Speak to Community Leaders

  • Republic Fleet Monitoring "Strange Energy Discharges" Detected in Atmosphere of Floseswin III

  • Guristas Pirates Steal Shipment of Biotechnology Research Tools in Transit from Republic to State

  • Blood Raiders Cult Cell on Mishi IV Destroyed by Royal Uhlans Assault; Surviving Cultists Executed

  • Caldari State Peacekeepers Investigate Claims of SARO "Red Troop" and DERAIL Commando Unit "Atrocities" in Pegeler

  • Large Settlement on Yasud VII Reported Lost to Antimatter Detonation During Sansha's Nation Landings

  • Serpentis Inquest Posts Record Profits for Military Cyberimplants and Warclone Development Divisions

  • Crashed Shuttle Recovered from Eugales III Asteroid Mining Colony Carrying "Bioadapted Caldari in Combat Armor"

  • Reports Claim Angel Cartel and Krullefor Organization "Peace Treaty" on Ennur as Demand Rises for Contraband Through Molden Heath