CONCORD Memo Leaked

New Eden News | YC107-08-11

An internal memo from CONCORD has been leaked which contains details of the alleged assassins of the late Doriam II.

The memorandum provided by a source who wishes to remain anonymous states, “We have evidence that points towards an individual from the Royal Khanid Navy being responsible for the assassination”. The memo goes on to detail that, “Preparations are underway for insertion of an under-cover agent into the Royal Khanid Navy to substantiate the claims and gather further evidence”. Strangely enough the memorandum does not include any relevant evidence to back up the claims made.

Amarr citizens have taken the news with a renewed anger at the assassination with many demanding an official statement from Meor Varuna, others wish a more direct response – calling for the Amarr Navy to respond en masse.

Neither CONCORD nor Acting Regent Chamberlin Karsoth would confirm or deny the authenticity of the memorandum at this time.

It will certainly be an interesting time for interstellar politics if the Dark Amarr are proven to be behind the assassination of the late Doriam II.