CONCORD Inner Circle Meeting to Discuss Ship Disappearances, Colonel Valkanir Attending

New Eden News | YC120-10-05 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Yulai - CONCORD's Inner Circle is reported to be meeting to discuss the recent spate of ship disappearances across a broad swathe of New Eden from the Aridia to Molden Heath regions. It is understood that Colonel Kasiha Valkanir, heading up the DED's investigative taskforce, will be briefing the Inner Circle on her findings and recommendations.

News of the special meeting broke today, when it emerged that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor had dispatched his personal representative, Director Keitan Yun, to an unscheduled rendezvous with the Inner Circle in Yulai. Keitan Yun, recently named Director of the Sanmatar's Tribal Intelligence Apparatus, is a controversial figure even within the Minmatar Republic and the Scope received notice of his movements from several sources.

Confirmation of a meeting of the full Inner Circle came with the departure from Sarum Prime of Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, the Amarr member of the Inner Circle, cutting short a visit with Lord Arrach Sarum on behalf of Empress Catiz I. The Sarum Royal Heir's relations with the Empress are known to observers of Amarr politics to be somewhat cool. The Captain Marshal's visit, officially in regards to House Sarum contributions to DED auxiliaries, is believed to have been principally intended as that of a mutually respected figure bridging the gap in relations. In returning to Yulai, Captain Marshal xer Qosh evidently cut short an important matter of state in order to attend the Inner Circle's gathering.

Inquiries to the Office of Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya have been met with pro forma "no comment" responses. However, the Scope has learned that Colonel Kasiha Valkanir will be attending the meeting and briefing the Inner Circle on developments concerning the ship disappearances personally. A single source, claiming familiarity with Colonel Valkanir's areas of competence, has suggested that the DED officer will recommend new spacelane security measures for the regions bordering zero security space.

Another confidential source has indicated that Mordu's Legion and the Upwell Consortium's Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance (DFMA) have also been invited to attend. Providing diplomatic services to Upwell Consortium members, the DFMA is also known to be Upwell's security and counter-espionage organization.

The Scope's Ret Gloriaxx, of the Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, has requested an interview with Colonel Valkanir. As yet, the Colonel has not responded to this request. The Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx will continue to bring updates on this developing story.