CONCORD Deploys Assault Commandos and Sanctions in the Aftermath of Attack on Science Mission

New Eden News | YC120-01-12 - By Ret Gloriaxx

YULAI - Capsuleers have been reporting extraordinary measures being taken by CONCORD in the aftermath of an attack on a science mission in Luminaire a little under a week ago. The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has obtained a report from "The Discourse" capsuleer news broadcast by ARC Studios.

The Discourse alleges a disturbing attack and assault on a ship piloted by capsuleer Lara Edios of Phoenix Naval Systems. The claim is that "SARO commandos" boarded the PNS vessel and seized the corpse of the alleged 25ers terrorist known as "The Astromancer". The Galactic Hour has not been able to obtain comment from DED officials on these extraorinary claims.

In the meantime, Captain Oveg Drust of the DED's Genesis Fleet has been engaged in an attempt to recover what he describes as "material evidence" from the capsuleer, and noted Sani Sabik philosopher, Valerie Valate. Negotiations to have Valate turn in the evidence - apparently a "corrupted trinary relic" - collapsed today amidst the DED imposing a severe security status change as a sanction against the capsuleer.

The Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx has reached out to the Pharos of Thera group for their comment but has not been able to connect with any of their representatives. CONCORD agencies refused all requests for comment on these unusual and unprecedented allegations and events.