CONCORD Confirms “Topological Defects” are Wormholes, Imposes “Unenforceable Travel Ban” From Portals in Regulated Space

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

YULAI - CONCORD has just confirmed that the "topological defects" predicted earlier by the Sisters of EVE have begun appearing throughout the New Eden cluster. The wormholes are reported to be structurally stable enough to traverse, although they cannot predict the duration that they will remain open.

In addition, CONCORD has stated that they can only protect those who enter or leave from portals within hisec space, and have thus declared an "unenforceable travel ban" in an attempt to discourage pilots from entering.

Rumors have begun circulating that probes sent through wormholes can maintain contact with their deployment platform, but cannot determine their location on the far side.