Concord Commander Resigns Under Suspicious Circumstances

New Eden News | YC109-10-30

Over the last couple of days, rumours surrounding the recent departure of ex-CONCORD Commander Gispali Rhatal have been spreading throughout the cluster. In the last few hours a source close to CONCORD has confirmed that there are several inexplicable inconsistencies in Rhatal’s internal file.

The contents of the file corroborate the information already circulating about Gispali – his term of service, terminated on the 4th of this month, spanned thirty-two years, during which period he maintained a relatively undistinguished profile. However, there is no information listed on his activities over an extended time period. More significantly, rather than being simply classified as is the usual procedure for CONCORD operations, the relevant area is simply blank, as is the log of his letter of resignation. The unnamed source asserts that the CONCORD personnel division nominally responsible for Mr Rhatal has no prior records relating to him, and have been unsuccessful in their requests for any additional information to explain the situation. CONCORD media contacts and numerous highly-placed officers have uniformly failed to respond to solicitations for comment on this issue which has only served to fuel speculation surrounding it.