Colonists Flock To War-Torn Sector

New Eden News | YC111-04-03

Saisio - Amid still-raging hostilies between militia forces, Caldari interests are looking forward to harvesting the riches of the Black Rise region. Kaalakiota, Lai Dai and other mega-corporations within the State announced large-scale projects last week, followed by equally determined independent ventures.

According to data published by House of Records, the number of colonists moving to the Black Rise region has more than doubled in recent months. Most of the settlers are contracted by corporations conducting Black Rise operations, but some are also striking out on their own.

"We are often perceived as a nation of corporate drones, but this is not so," said Massoka Weikollen, a retired army veteran. Until recently Mr Weikollen had owned a machine repair facility in Piak, but he is now moving to Black Rise with his family, aiming to set up a similar business on one of the planets there. "The important thing is that our society was built on the principles of personal initiative and free enterprise, and that is exactly what is happening now."

The State's corporations were quick to cater to the resulting demand. Skyrise Constructions, a planetside property developer specializing in construction of autonomous biosphere complexes, had unveiled a range of planetside projects in

Black Rise. The planets in question include Villasen IV, which was recently re-secured by State Protectorate forces. Skyrise Constructions is partly owned by Sukuuvestaa, and it is expected that the corporation will bid for the funds available under the CAESA act.

With the guns still blazing, it might be too early to jump to definite conclusions, but political and military experts like the renowned Andra Veaux are sure that, in Veau'x words, "the opportunities in regions like Black Rise have finally started outweighing the risks for the Caldari people."