Chamberlain Hemirin seeks Theology Council approval to coronate Sarum

New Eden News | YC110-06-16

Avair - In an extended hearing today, Chamberlain Hemirin petitioned the Theology Council to endorse his intention to declare Jamyl Sarum Empress-elect in light of the lack of challengers to the throne.

Hemirin, who only formally accepted the post of Chamberlain this morning, spoke at length to the Council on his reasoning behind the request, claiming that "single-handedly saving the Empire from being overrun by barbarians is surely Trial enough to demonstrate capability for the role", and asking "Sarum has the support of the commoners, the Holders and the Heirs - what council would seek to thwart the will of those they claim to serve?". Eyewitnesses report that the Justices of the council appeared unmoved by the Chamberlain's speech, with one describing them as "stone-faced".

Protocol dictates that on a topic like this the Council be given until the following evening to deliberate their decision, and after hearing Hemirin's plea they retired to one of the inner chambers of the court to confer. The debating chamber itself is considered inviolate but sources suggest that many members of the court have been taking breaks from the discussions to meet with various representatives of the four Heirs, with some reports indicating that the Heirs themselves have been negotiating with key Council members.

When pressed about this, a Kor-Azor functionary commented that her master was "simply seeking reassurance that the eventual decision will be in the best interests of the Empire" but refused to be drawn further. Many however suspect that the interest being taken is a rather more active one.