CBT Announces Thanks

New Eden News | YC107-05-11

Today CBT made a public thank you to all those pilots named by Perkone that took part in bringing the criminals who caused such havoc to justice.

A spokesperson said, "We had no idea what Mr Brinor was up to, all we knew was that items had gone missing, presumed stolen. But when he left that day on a supposed business trip, we knew there had to be something not quite right.

"We deny any claims that we were ever apart of this sick plot. How Mr Brinor managed to use our corporation name in the way that he did may always evade us, we will be reviewing our procedures to make sure this never happens again. All we can say now as this issue closes, on what has been a very strange note indeed, is that we are now safe in the knowledge that these pilots will never again plague our people nor our State."