Caldari State not taking actions in slave upraising, Navy says.

New Eden News | YC107-06-11

The official position of both the Caldari State and the Caldari Navy in the Amarrian slave uprising was explained during a press conference held yesterday afternoon on the Navy’s offices in Vuorrasi VI. Caldari Navy official spokesperson Kutatala Ikao had this to say:.

"No matter what third party ‘help’ to the amarrian slaves may have been involved, this uprising is a conflict between Amarr holders and their slaves, on planets under Amarrian sovereignty. As such, it is clearly an Amarrian internal affair, and neither the Caldari State nor this Navy has any official say in the ways other States’ citizens resolve their internal differences, however violent."

When questioned about humanitarian and military aid from the State, Ikao answered:

"No budget or quote for military aid was officially requested by the Amarrian Empire to the Caldari State, so this Navy as of today will take no action on this issue. I am in no position to confirm or deny humanitarian and/or military aid from private Caldari corporations and individuals, but of course any Caldari citizens wishing to offer their services are free to do so and should contact the proper Amarrian authorities."

To whether the State and the Navy consider the Blood Raiders a threat:

"Although the Covenant does sometimes operate inside Caldari space and are considered outlaws, their numbers are far below the Guristas and usually dealt with by freelance capsuleers working for Caldari corporations, with no aid from this Navy. Furthermore, the Sani Sabik cult has always pointed to the Amarrian Empire as their enemy and objective. As per their current actions we do not consider them a main threat to our borders."

"We do acknowledge the claim of the Blood Raider Covenant leader Omir Sarikusa about the captivity of outlawed citizen Eckarine Mitumi-Hnolku, but I can confirm that on this specific matter no instructions were issued by the Chief Executive Panel to this Navy as of today."

In stark contrast to the high impact the images of the revolt had among capsuleers in general and the waves of panic in the Amarrian Empire population, things seems to be normal on planetside Caldari life. As SoAK professor Paaseraisen Nosidoma in Jita summed it up: "The images were distressing, of course… but nothing compared to our memories of Caldari Prime in ashes. Chances are the more violent effects of this rebellion will remain inside the Amarrian Empire, having no greater effect on us."

"We will of course see fluctuations on currency, commodities in general and in particular Amarrian food products as wheat and livestock, but we can replace any of them with our own products of similar nutritional value for a slightly higher price… not to mention the business opportunities that should arise in the Amarrian market for our own products."

"The Blood Raider Covenant is entirely focused on the Amarrian Empire and is not a threat to us. As long as the Minmatar Republic remains neutral in this conflict, I do not believe this revolt will have a major impact in our everyday lives."