Caldari State Completes Gate Construction in Athounon as Rival Empires Race to Claim Technology

New Eden News | YC124-10-12

caldari gate athounon progress Above: Caldari Stargate in Athounon Nears Activation

Caldari State Stargate Construction in Athounon Completed with Activation Imminent

Athounon, Placid – Militia forces of the Caldari State Protectorate have succeeded in providing sufficient materials to Caldari Navy construction units assembling a new stargate in the key system of Athounon in the heavily-contested Placid region. The construction of a new stargate in Athounon is believed to complete a new Caldari State gate pair connecting Samanuni to the warzone system that is the site of a struggle between the Federation and State to control Triglavian technology.

Reports from the Caldari State indicate that the activation of the new stargate link is imminent and likely to be as soon as tomorrow, as Caldari forces increase their footprint in Samanuni, building infrastructure and military installations evidently intended to support a large naval force. The Gallente Federation has also accelerated its industrial development in the Amygnon system, location of a stargate that is understood to be paired with the Gallente gate under construction in Athounon.

Chief Executive Panel Chairman Akimaka Saraki has hailed the completion of the Athounon stargate in under two weeks, under warzone conditions, as a "tremendous achievement underlining the capacity of our navy and our loyal capsuleer militia for combining military skill with industrial expertise." Chairman Akimaka Saraki also promoted the Caldari Navy officer leading the special projects in Placid, elevating Brigadier Heika Torigo to the rank of Executive General.

General Torigo was also fulsome in her praise for capsuleer loyalists of the State Protectorate, noting that numerous pilots, "were critical to the efforts to seize and hold Athounon, even before we embarked on the gate-building project, and these same pilots were notable in their continued efforts to advance State interests by bringing to bear military and industrial might."

General Torigo also emphasized that the State's focus was now on acquiring the technology exposed by the conflict between the Triglavians, EDENCOM and Caldari forces in Athounon and the wider Serthoulde constellation; but also noted that "the State can still use the material resources available in the area and will continue to reward our loyal industrialists for their efforts."

caldari muster pt samanuni Above: New Caldari State Navy Mustering Point in Samanuni System

Capture of Vard Transmuter by Minmatar Forces Raises Concerns Among CONCORD Empires and EDENCOM

Vard, Heimatar – The recent recovery of the Vard system by the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force has provoked alarm and concern in numerous quarters of New Eden given the accompanying seizure by Republic Fleet units of the Imperial Prototype Stellar Transmuter located in the system. Coming as a key morale-boosting moment in a rolling three-week offensive undertaken by Minmatar militia forces, the capture of Vard goes beyond symbolism into a very real and damning blow against the prestige of the Amarr forces in the Heimatar sector of the warzone.

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has commended the Tribal Liberation Force for its "outstanding commitment to pushing back the invaders and recovering our people and lands in the warzone." Hetman General Kanth Filmir, while noting the success in Heimatar, also pointed to the "remarkable progress on the Metropolis front with our militia fighters steadily closing a pincer around the necks of the Amarr occupiers in the Aldodan, Angils and Tiat constellations." While the success of the militia offensive and fleet capture of the transmuter has been greeted with jubilation in the Republic, voices in other empires have been raised in alarm at the possibility that fighting over the Prototype Stellar Transmuters may provoke a catastrophe.

Gallente Federation politicians have been divided over the development. Representatives of the Federation's Minmatar diaspora and war torn outer regions welcome Minmatar victories, but are countered by more conservative senators from the core regions and the dovish elements of the Gallente political scene. Fears of stellar disaster have been raised with allusions to the Seyllin Incident and the more recent Triglavian invasions prominent. Support for EDENCOM proposals for negotiation and neutral observer teams is strong among populations in the Essence region heartlands of the Federation.

In the Amarr Empire, while expressing dismay at the loss of the facility, a number of House Kador and House Kor-Azor Holders have questioned the safety of such "advanced technology in Minmatar hands." The Amarr Ministry of War has noted that the "Minmatar are notorious for turning peaceful technologies of economic development into weapons of mass destruction." The Amarr's overall military governor of the warzone, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh, stated that "EDENCOM proposals for a neutral observation team to facilitate the continuing peaceful development of this technology have some merit given the outrageous actions of the Minmatar terror state."

Caldari State leadership has maintained a relatively inscrutable silence over the events unfolding in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone with signs of a major ideological struggle developing within the Chief Executive Panel. Even so, the official position of the State remains that "exploitation of stellar transmuter technology should proceed with care and experimentation in contested regions exposes such efforts to concerning levels of risk."

gallente fleet muster pt amygnon Above: New Federation Military Naval Mustering Point in Amygnon System

News in Brief

  • Disturbances on Vard VII Continue as Evacuation Flights Begin Amidst Riots as Military Occupation by Fleet and RSS Takes Over Planet

  • Governors and Planetary Assemblies Raise Concerns with President and Senate Over Federation Navy Infrastructure Appropriations in Warzone Regions

  • Market Turmoil in Cargo and Passenger Transport Sectors Following Empire Deadlock Over InterBus and Death of Haukkakka Pukara

  • Federation Senate Defense Committee Hearing Presses Vice Admiral Foriana Revelli Over Navy Strategy in Placid Warzone

  • Minmatar Ambassador Keitan Yun Dismisses Amarr Concerns as "Gross Hypocrisy" and Describes EDENCOM Proposals as "Repugnantly Disingenuous"

  • InterBus CEO Alexander Ducasse Indicates Market Fears to be Allayed by "Forthcoming Announcements on Future and Sustainability of InterBus"

  • Mining, Heavy Industry and Construction Markets Experience Spikes as Core Empires Continue Armaments and Refitting Programs at Speed

  • EDENCOM Monitors in Pochven Warn of "Increase in Military and Industrial Activity by All Clades of Triglavian Collective" Following Capsuleer Attacks

  • Amarr Occupation of Turnur I Bolstered by Arrival of Order of St. Tetrimon Units as Nomadic Mining Communities Evade Imperial Forces

  • Pro-Triglavian Kybernauts and EDENCOM Veteran Capsuleers Organize Rival Events to Mark "Totality Day" and "EDENCOM Recognition"