Caldari Gaming Commission Announces COLOSSUS Final Date

New Eden News | YC107-01-12

Following speculation as to what the Caldari Gaming Commission has been doing the last few months, Commission Head Airas Sukela has stepped forward and delivered this statement: "The Commission is proud to announce that preparations for the COLOSSUS race finals are finished and a starting date and time have been decided. The race finals will be held on the 30th of this month at 22:00 EVT. The race itself will be flown in ten-person teams, each team representing a corporation. It will proceed through waypoints, where items will have to be picked up at each waypoint system." Airas further stated, "The Caldari Gaming Commission would like to express our excitement for this grand melee and give a big thank you to all our racers. We wish you the best of luck." Many have speculated whether the announcement's timing has anything to do with the recent separatist rumblings coming from within the notorious Curse Alliance. When questioned as to whether the final race's delay had been in any way connected to potential Caldari/Curse hostilities, Sukela replied: "The Chief Executive Panel has been busy with internal affairs of a grave nature in the recent months. While it is not my place to comment on those, I will say that any perception of the Caldari State as being an entity easily swayed by acts of terrorism is entirely laughable." Prizes for the race have yet to be announced.