Caldari Citizens Take to Shelters

New Eden News | YC111-03-10

PERIMETER 1042 - Numerous Caldari colonies along the Federation border, now teeming with war fleets on high alert, are reported to be flocking to the emergency shelters on the outskirts of the major cities and settlements.

Early reports from these shelters, manned mostly by minimal military and disaster relief personnel, indicate little panic among the civilians so far. However, the sheer number of people flooding the shelter entry points has overwhelmed the staff who have called on local military positions for assistance in crowd control.

Despite the calm nature of the exodus, several deaths have already been reported, attributed to trampling. Recent scientific theories of a Solar Radiological Event notwithstanding, decreasing the likelihood that Seyllin was the target of military attacks, many heading for the shelters commented on their lack of trust.

"This could still break into fresh hostilities," remarked one of the refuge seekers heading for the shelters. "The Gallente could ignore this all they wish and use to as an excuse to attack us anyway. I have to get my family to safety."