Broteau sentenced; to be extradited to Republic

New Eden News | YC115-06-01

LUMINAIRE - Gerne Broteau was sentenced to twelve consecutive life sentences in Caille District Court today, for his rampage at a Minmatar cultural festival in Luminaire which killed 59 and left hundreds wounded. Shortly after, the Federation announced that it will be extraditing him to the Minmatar Republic to be tried in the Sebiestor Tribal Court for his slaying of Karin Midular, the former Sebiestor Tribal Chief.

During the sentencing Broteau remained unemotional as he has throughout much of the proceedings, save his brief testimony. After the reading, he was escorted out of the court room under guard. Under typical circumstances, it is expected Broteau would serve out his sentence in a high-security detention facility, but the Federation has announced it will defer punishment to the Minmatar Republic in this instance.

The Minmatar Republic has announced that it will send a Republic Security Services fleet in the coming days to receive Broteau. While many expected the Republic to move swiftly to take custody of Broteau given their repeated requests for urgency in the matter, it is believed the Minmatar have decided to take a more measured response given the tensions which arose between the two nations following Midular's death, which led to a Republic Fleet incursion into Federation space and ethnic violence against Minmatar in the Federation.