Breaking News: Tibus Heth Acquires Majority Ownership of Caldari Constructions; Disgraced CEO Torkebaira Shutsu Takes His Own Life

New Eden News | YC110-05-02

Piak– Tibus Heth, a low-grade MTAC operator for Caldari Constructions and leader of a worker uprising, has acquired an ownership stake in the corporation following the voluntary surrender of personal shares and stock options by the corporation’s executive board, and by an anonymous financier who seized advantage of the earlier selloff to buy up huge quantities of stock. Torkebaira Shutsu, the former CEO and last executive to cede personal shares to Heth, ended his life shortly afterwards. The gruesome scene in the Constructions boardroom ends a standoff at the Armor Forge manufacturing plant that has the entire Caldari State captivated, although many questions remain.

“The Secure Commerce Commission will investigate every detail of this ownership transfer thoroughly”, promised Chairman Eman Autrech amidst vocal concerns raised by the mega-corporations. “The legality of this takeover will be determined pending our evaluation of the means through which it was executed.” Meanwhile, security throughout the State is hastily being bolstered over fears that the outrage over Kaalakiota’s use of deadly force will begin to spill over. Including the Constructions worker shot dead by Home Guard troops, the death toll at the Armor Forge stands at 34.

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