BREAKING NEWS – Roden success in bid for second term!

New Eden News | YC117-01-30

VILLORE - In the last hour the Scope has learned that Jacus Roden has been re-elected as President of the Gallente Federation, with a relatively narrow lead over media favorite Shaileen Ramnev in the final election count.

Confirmation of the president's successful bid for a second term came in the form of a public address from on board Senate Headquarters in orbit of the sixth moon of Villore Seven. The results of the election were announced by Head Senator Andon Gardieu, in a broadcast to trillions across the Federation from the traditional location on the steps of the Senate Chamber.

President Roden's victory appears to have surprised a number of independent political polling groups, who had published results just days ago to show that popular opinion appeared to favor Remnev in most of the densely populated core region of Essence, including the core constellations of Crux, Arand, Patrie and Thoulde.

It would appear however, that President Roden's platform of continued increases in funding for defense and security, along with further investment in strengthening of the Tripwire Border Protection Program have swayed opinion significantly in continued times of conflict with the State, and strained relations with the Republic since the death of Karin Midular in May YC115.

Analysis from voting demographics indicates that his views on further bolstering of Federal security, as well as preservation of culturally and historically important sites within the Federation tipped the voting balance in the border regions of Solitude, Placid and Sinq Laison, with many political analysts believing this to be the key to his victory.

Roden secured a solid 54.2% of all votes cast, down 4.5% on his previous victory over Governer Celes Aguard in the YC111 election. Roden's victory was followed closely by his closest challenger, Shaileen Ramnev, who collected 39.7% of all votes cast. Third in the running for election was Federation-born Vherokior artis Kelen Ontbad, who secured 5.1% of votes cast, with the remaining votes dispersed among other candidates.

When contacted for comment by The Scope, Shaileen Ramnev appeared in good spirits, unphased by election defeat and smiling as she offered her congratulations to President Roden, commenting that "while my bid for presidency wasn't successful this time around, I'll continue to do my part for the people of the Federation, and make every day count. There's always YC122."

Meanwhile in Villore, President Roden lauded his fellow candidates, paying particular attention to Ramnev, commenting that "while Miss Ramnev may not have succeeded in her bid for the presidency this time around, it will be a pleasure to work with her going forward, and my admiration for her unfaltering dedication to the Gallente people remains as strong as ever."

He concluded his statement by condemning the bomb blast at the political rally of Eliaron Idama yesterday evening, and wishing Eliarion's partner Onara Shiikeru, who was injured in the incident, his thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery.