Breaking News: Roden Shipyards Refuses to Comply with Executive Order; Standoff between Federal Agents and Corporation Forces Underway

New Eden News | YC111-08-13

Alentene - A tense standoff between the security forces of Roden Shipyards and the Federation government is underway at the corporation's headquarters in Alentene. SCOPE has learned that the altercation began shortly after Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) agents arrived to enforce President Foiritan's executive mandate to nationalize arms manufacturers.

Government officials have closed access to the scene by reporters. Sources report that Jacus Roden, the retired founder of Roden Shipyards, personally refused to allow federal agents to enter the facility. A brief statement released by the corporation reads as follows:

"Our position is that the president has no legal authority to commandeer the operations of this firm. The Federation government is therefore trespassing on private property. We have no intentions of escalating this matter further, but we refuse to yield ground on the issue."

Momentum is gathering in the senate to proceed with an impeachment hearing-the first for a president in decades. Lawmakers worked through the night lobbying for votes, as fresh polls show that President Souro Foiritan's popularity has dropped to a record low, with just 26% of respondents viewing the president's performance favorably.

Jacus Roden, known to be a capsuleer, is the largest single shareholder of the corporation bearing his name. He retired more than twenty years ago, but not before installing his granddaughter Miloise Roden as CEO. She has since extended the company lines of business into "super-capital" ventures that include terraforming operations and the construction of advanced warships for the Federation Navy.

This is a SCOPE breaking news story. More coverage will follow as details emerge.